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This game is fun and I’m not getting too many ads so I don’t get all the bad reviews???

To hard

To hard

I love this game

This is a five star because you can start on any level you want and you can get hints by watching an ad

Love it

It’s so addicting I play it everyday all the time

Don’t get it😡

The game is boring, I mean who wants to move a dumb line around to make pointless shapes

The first levels

I think the game is good. But the first few levels are hecka easy. I know I know they are supposed to be easy but really? That easy? Wow. And the levels get really hard so quick. Like say level 3 is sooooo easy, then level 4 would be hard. It’s weird but I like the game.

Did them all

Great game. Challenging and never boring

Best way to pass time, great game

I’ve had this game for about a month & 1/2 and I just completed it which saddens me a lot actually and I wish I had more levels, great game.

Too many advertisements

It takes about an hour for it to get even slightly interesting; meanwhile you’re spending more time waiting for the ads to finish playing before you can even begin to “have fun”

You can play difrintlofils

Bay kinglucas

Too many ads

Every 2 plays an ad pops up 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Really good

B/c it gives hints and is really relaxing when you in a bad mood or whenever

Great Game

One of my favorite puzzle games. Very addictive and finished every level

It’s fun

It is a good game for on the rode cause it can have your time go by like a second

Really addicting


Weaves you wanting more!

Great game that requires critical thinking and problem solving skills. Loved it!

Fun but....

Fun but for some reason you make a lot of swastikas


Wayyy too many ads.. I understand you want to make money off of ads but making me watch an ad after every level and asking me if I want to watch an ad after every 4 levels is extremely annoying. Uninstalling...

Pretty fun!

I like this game a lot it is kinda easy but enough to make it fun. It is not my favorite game but it is good.

Need more levels

Will delete due to lack of levels. I’ve completed the whole game and have been waiting for more levels but after a few weeks still nothing.



It's ok

It's ok the things I like about it,is harder then it looks and the game is relaxing.But it does glitch and I one time could not open the app it was glitch from a ad!Over all I still play it and I enjoy playing this game!👍🏻👍🏻


5star quality

I love the game buuuut...

The ideia of the game is great but have sooo many ads. I couldn’t play one whole minute with no ads. Its serious. I’m not inventing. It is very boring. Please do something!!

To all the ad haters

Bro if you don’t want ads just put it in airplane mode easy fix



Good game

It’s a great game first couple of levels it does it for you

You are the best friend you have been with me

You are the best I love you

Too much commercials

I like the game but there are too much commercials



Super fun and easy!

It is awesome!😜


Lots of fun!

Has Possibilities

Shows you are able to remove ads but can’t. BOO. HOO Ads Just break in and last longer than playing time. Could be good Game has great possibilities needs work

Brinley love it!

Love it great app and work out for the brain! It’s tricky but fun. It doesn’t make go crazy I can’t figure it out it just tells me to not give up and work towards my goals.😀100% recommendation for summer when your not working! I hope anyone who gets this app enjoys it just as much as me! 😋

4 stars

I enjoy the game, but it won’t let me move the line when I want. It will only let me move a certain one, then another:(


That’s a game is ok the music is kinda cheesy

Best game I ever played

Best game I ever played

Get it

First it’s free it’s amazing I don’t know it’s just the best game ever


I think this app is great it is very fun too and I love it.


I wanted to do something but NO


i dont want to use a hint on the first level i am not an idiot


This is a very great game I love it

My review

It’s a 4 rate because 4 year olds probably couldn’t play this because it’s a little bit hard. also the help button only has 5 times so if a 4 year old would have a hard situation because they probably didn’t know how to connect the dots or they would have to wait for a add. So maybe you could change the game up like the help button make it 15 not 5 times thanks, Cleo

Interesting mechanic, too many ads.

The puzzle mechanic is interesting, but the number of ads make this game unplayable. You will spend more time watching ads than solving puzzles.

So fun


Get the app

So addicting and such a fun and challenging app totally recommend

Love this game

I love this game because its colorful and easy!!!


Gooooood app

Overall Not Bad

I just recently finished all the levels after downloading the game a couple days ago and I found that while some puzzles were challenging overall many were easy. It was good for wasting some extra time but the ads made playing very difficult. Ads were a constant annoyance and played even when I declined to watch an ad for extra coins. The game also had an annoying tendency to glitch when it was opened, closed, then reopened. I liked the game enough that I continued to push through these issues, but I understand the frustration of other reviewers that gave it a low rating. I was also disappointed in the number of levels offered in the game. There wasn’t enough.

Weave the line

I feel as it is a fun game but I wish the music was optional to have on or off it tends to get annoying

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